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I ddid too much again and am in a whole

I nneed to fix my sleep schedule

Like aat a certain level it becomes necessary

Do yyou ever think about like concepts

Like you hear a word and go..

I hhave forgotten that exists

Like ii am watching childrens cartoons and stumbled upon

Imaginary friends

Like thats soo troubling behavior for a adult person, but completely okai for kids

Like iit makes me question what these concepts mean, that we just decide they are not okai after a certain time

I gguess it fall into the banning of imagination in general

Did i mention that i did mot sleep

And iif we decided later they are not okai,

That wwould mean the natural behaviour is probably not the repression, what makes me question what they are in the first place

What iis this concept, how many concepts were forgotten and forbidden

Childrens cartoons are breaking my mind

Lets fix sleep

Like analogy, fixing something to something

Fixing tthe rhythm by force to a certain pattern

Is tthat healthy?


I tthink its necessary, i need to regulate my overworking

Alarm cclocks make me anxious, so i need something else

Problem svlved

Do you remember in school these book cover sticky sheets?

You ccan buy them for like 2 and put them onto anything

Like boom, whiteboard

I aam syncronicing my plant system with the daylight alarm,

Did ii mention that plants filter air, so thats also a air filter system

And tthe plant light is like daylight,

So llike i am quite hard implementing that pattern rn:p