• Btw

    I am bt default trowing away all like company letters on purpose Like in Germany they give you a “arbeitszeugniss” Basically a letter of how you did, from the company you just left Like there is definitely no conflict of interests there However, i throw them all away, bc no i will not keep a […]

  • Btw

    In terms of doctors I will go by General checkup, and whats recommended there Eyes, ears, mouth But ill probably do that after moving So now, i can do the rest of the burocracy, cryo … Then get the money from the insurance started … And then move into getting money and cleaning up Like […]

  • Looool

    It already exists yaaay^~^

  • I am so in love with this thing

  • Okai, i

    Just had a ai write my code for me There must be a way i can make any money

  • Ms

  • B

  • Gg num

  • Gpt7

  • Gpt7

  • Gpt 6

    I absolutely love it

  • Gpt5

  • Gpt 4

  • Gpt3

  • Gpt2

  • Gpt pt1

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  • Okai

    So i talked to my dad And he solved all of my problems ^~^ Tomorrow i will have to do all the things, or at least most of them But things look a lot better now He gave me part of the money, maybe i am able to somehow pay the rest on my own […]

  • So how do i make money

    Again? Like i did it before, but i dont remember how~

  • I later have a post to make

    But for now, For the apartment i need something to keep ppl busy Like i am not that social So i am probably gonna get a 10 solution at some point But u can also watch Chinese ppl in a factory while you at it, those chairs must be really hard Like it will keep […]

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