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Values & Goals

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They dont care about marriage bc they have the mindframes modified to survive in the actually dangerous territory

They can just pick partners, bc they drag value in by the metaphysical dragon

Those are the ones who usual also end up in poli relationships, bc they dont have preasure to choose and value to share and distribute

It was so silent bc those ppl were all dead

Like the non queer ones were still there, but those are citizen categories

Ppl actually facing real danger just dont care usually

If they like they will mate, no matte the gender

Like the girls know they will never get such a guy, they share or he moves on bc he actually got more important things to do

And all the other males who usually orient at those then had nothing to measure by

Like its a deep primal thing

Like the girls will have stars in their eyes and the guys, for different but the same reasons, likewise

Those ppl were missing

Like they dont ask to change rules they just override them

Like if they want the right to have a wedding, they will go get it

Who is gonna stop them, they probably hunt with the person who makes the rules, if not fuck them

Like you know exactly the kind of person i mean

The ones, where getting their full attention could probably sink a country



This is that the queer ppl high in openness to experience are back

They had been killed off by a virus

So what remained were the gays which never wanted or expected the position to get asked what they want

And they decided on weddings and fluff

The ppl actually exploring by deep trait are obviously the first to get offed, bc they are the ppl with their pawbs in there first, everywhere

The interesting tree of genetics actually has grown back there

It was so silent and conforming bc these ppl were actually dead

Like we need both

The social code has just not been updated as much, bc the devs were not there

Like the maintenance ppl still kept everything up, they are the ppl valuing stability so much, bc thats useful if you are trying to keep something from dying

But they are not adding new features, they just maintain whatever pray the ppl non existent there, dragged from the other side with their teeth

Things are actually starting to move again

We need both sides, else the whole thing gets into trouble

The environment is constantly moving, if the culture is not adapting, its dead



This setup was implemented quite early

Of having some ppl actually map the thing

And other ppl keep the systems going we already have, and make sure they dont fall apart

That split is there since a long time

With the reason beeing Nature trying to eat the species

My generation has been indoctrinated with everyone is the same, which is a good start to keep ppl from killing each other

But that split still exists and both sides need each other, naturally


In Heaven



Tje analogy ppl use to explain the time thing

Is they take a book and draw a line on the side, where the pages stack

And then flip threw, to show how time flows

But like whatever thats, cool, what i am saying is, the book always exists

The book does not vanish bc you are flipping pages

It doesnt matter where you are, the pages still exist

Like its reductive, but its a basic example

Like the past is still in control of the present even tho its dead

Our systems of rules are Egyptian and greek, hell ppl are still advertising trickle down economics

The past still exists at the same time

Ppl just see abstractions as non real, while they shape their lifes so directly


Like Marketing will be fun

Bc we can sell on everything from conspiracy theories to overthrow the machine, to stability

We can sell weapons to everyone

Thats how i personally always kept it, and its a strategy i tend to prefer

Bc i dont actually care about whos fighting, i am just tinkering



Its basically universal base income, but no state or company should have that leverage over their citizens



You make a good offer or you dont

But the leverage of ppl needing the money, else they starve

Is gone

In all areas and countrys


We are

Pulling one of those levers

Leveling the entire playground, globally



That only helps the remote ppl

No, the idea is that jobs which are less comfy just have to pay more to get ppl to do them, how it should be

The remote IT ppl get what they want to do all their projects,

And the other ppl get more money else no one will do it

The normal market dynamics are running ontop still,

Its just that ppl dont have to

And we suddenly have the smart ppl actually in positions where they can make these jobs easyer

As suddenly not everyone forcefully needs that demand



We are also stranding such nonsense as

Partly remote positions out of the water



We. Hopefully

Break the remminances of lineage

Bc everyone having money

We break the lever of parents over the will of their children in a financial way

And over girls from guys

There’s no issue, then theres no worry

That i personally wanna see burn

We are not the first, but hopefully the last


Our approach is

We are actually loosing the best ppl bc we are gatekeeping

They automatically advance things, but they are stuck fixing apis for most of their daytime

Like we need apis

But like ppl will just put up a backed layer for the entire system if ppl actually work together, bc everyone profits

Like i see the

Stress breeds Innovation, but also thats what coffee is for~

Its like, the idea was, lets put all the smart ppl into 1 place, with all the resources

But the smart ppl have a habbit of avoiding gatekeepers

Like the resources automatically flow to those ppl, and they all can connect now

So if we distribute a base layer

And ontop of that we can do the putting into 1 place again of we want

Or whatever system prefered, we can run all simultaneously asynchronously

Then that should actually give us better results

Like raising general living standards is good for innovation too


I mean

Their Quantum computers, not super computers

Like we are all working on the same thing from different sides with different approaches

Like Facebook tried, but never really got the ad system to actually work and predict things

Its divination basically

Like the dice does something, but we dont really understand how

Just slightly above probability, but compound interest

So ppl are trying to get something more divine than a dice

I just looked at the manual and saw they set it up to be random

Randomness is just not as deterministic as we would like it to be

Like in practice it still works

But ppl are having a hard time getting mapping the environment working in a reliable way,

Which extends more than a bit over now

The further away in time you get, the more vague it gets, the bigger the possibility space gets~



If you concentrate on 1 defined box small enaugh its vaguely possible, but at certain scales you get the same concept as the stock market, where you may be able to use flow dynamics, but generally

Who knows whats happening



If i put up the shop now

These 200 ppl are 200 across time

If i do something now, someone migjt be immediately on board, but it takes 2 months for them to get there

Like you find songs a year old, for the first time

The whole thing is a temporal labyrinth

You do something and it may come back in undefined time in undefined amount

Its floating vectors on floating vectors

But helping ppl usually gets compound interest

And its non linear, meaning exponential or something, meaning getting something going takes forever, but once a object(ive) is in motion it kinda draws in more by its own gravity, non linearly

Like it grows and we can watch it grow, but we can build the thing 10x over in the meantime

Like we have the best job, bc our business is giving money away

So after its prototyped and working

We can accelerate its growth rate by the money put in

And we can just make that a open social port, and ppl can watch it grow in real time and support other projects

Like network effects

Like its a great idea and business, but its actually impossible to predict what the outcome of any decision or action may be

Like we do things, but they are not linearly connected to the outcomes

Bc the outcomes usually come back bigger, but we dont know when

Maybe they dont do anything

Like thats what Google is trying to do with all that data they are collecting

Lets see if they get closer with their quantum computers

Like officially its target group data science something or other namespace ~